15 Jun

Plant Angles

Although the butterflies are the stars of the show in the Texas Discovery Gardens, they’re not the only interesting and beautiful things you’ll see there. There’s also a breathtaking array of different plant species, some of which you’re not likely to see in everyday life. There’s a wide enough range of species that you can […]

15 Jun

Butterfly Shapes II

Turning from the shape of a butterfly’s path through the air to the shape of the butterfly itself, what do you notice about the shapes of the creatures you see all around you in the air? First, it might strike you that there are so many different shapes! It seems as though every kind of […]

15 Jun

Butterfly Shapes I

As you walk through the butterfly room of the Texas Discovery Gardens, take time to slow down and notice what’s going on in the space around you. What do you notice about the flight of the butterflies? I spent some time watching the different flight paths used by different butterflies. What shapes of paths in […]

02 Jun

Lazy Bees

In the foyer of the Texas Discovery Garden you will likely notice this wall of cubbies. What does it remind you of? A honeycomb, of course! But did it ever occur to you to wonder why bees build honeycombs in the shape they do? It turns out there is a simple mathematical reason that they […]