26 Apr

Imago Mobiles

Before you leave the Texas Discovery Gardens, be sure to appreciate Imago, the public art installation in the entrance foyer of the Gardens inspired by many aspects of the insect and plant life that abound there. But how can it also inspire us mathematically? There are likely many ways, but one important way is by […]

08 Mar

Towering Gold

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of Dallas Fair Park is the gold-leaf wrapped Tower Building. Yes, that is real gold! Because of the allure and attraction of gold, our first math walk stop in Fair Park will be to ask, “How much is all of that gold on the Tower Building worth?” Before we go […]

07 Mar

Isosceles Esplanade

Perhaps your stroll around Dallas Fair Park brings you to the Esplanade, a stately reflecting pool between Centennial Hall and the Automotive Building. The designers of the Esplanade for the 1936 World’s Fair had a difficulty, however: one end of the Esplanade is five to ten feet higher than the other, and of course water […]